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Bulk importing

19 Sep 2017

When you are logged in, the front page provides a template csv file which you fill out with brew and ferment details to import into the website. This will allow quick importing from your current logging methods.

Match up the style to the sub-category id defined on the import page, and this will match up the style upon importing

The site uses the BJCP 2015 categories at present

Trial has opened

19 Sep 2017

I've now got a few people trialling the website making sure things are working OK. Hopefully this process won't take too long.

I've personally got 80 brewing and ferment logs recorded so fairly sure things are mostly working. There's always edge cases once users are introduced to a new system though.

Stay tuned for some instructional posts coming out based on the feedback from the trial users.

Complete re-working of beer.xml display

16 Sep 2017

Last night I completely re-worked the way the beer.xml content is displayed in the brew log details page.

It should be slightly faster to load an much easier to maintain. Read the full article for a screenshot

Ferment readings

12 Sep 2017

I have now added the ability to log various readings for a ferment.

When you are logged in, there is a widget on the front page which allows you to quickly log readings for ferments that are marked as active.

At this stage users can log:

  • Temperature
  • Gravity (this can be specific gravity or Plato)
  • pH

Graphs for entered readings are available in the Graphs section of the ferment log details page

Filtering brew and ferment logs, and reporting

10 Sep 2017

Viewing the brew and ferment logs, you are able to click on several pieces of information to filter results.

Filtering places a button at the top of the log allowing you to remove that filter.

At the moment you can only filter on one value for each filter. I will be implementing the ability to filter on multiple values for the same filter. So you could filter on brew logs for 2015 and 2016.

View this full article to see some screenshots with the filter buttons displayed.

The full article also lists the information that can be filtered on in the various places around the site.

Pending site launch

05 Sep 2017

Development is winding down on core features for the initial launch of the website.

I'll be opening up a trial system for a few people to help test and iron out initial probems.

This will also let me confirm my choice of userreport.com for lodging support tickets, and users lodging and voting for new features.

I will add an announcement here when the site is open for general use.

I'll also announce the survey results here in a couple of weeks. I've got 30 responses so far, and a few are still trickling in each week. I reckon 50 answers would be a good dataset to perform calculations on.

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