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Events module release

02 May 2018

Another fairly big feature release. I have completed the initial release of the Events system for Brewers Chronicle.

There is now a calendar listing all your incomplete calendar items. These items can be future-dated ferment readings, or manual brew log calendar items.

You can also create a brewery calendar item, which is not connected to a brew or ferment log. These can be for non-production tasks such as cleaning, maintenance, bar or serving maintenance.

View the Events module documentation


Batch labels release

23 Mar 2018

You can now produce basic text labels from the ferment which automatically draw details from the active ferment log. I do need to decrease the label width as it wraps around the bottle a bit too much.

Advanced plans for down the road are allowing users to design the layout using stock backgrounds or uploading their own images for use in the label. You will also be able to select which pieces of info to include on the label.

Beer labels - sneak peek

08 Mar 2018

"Hey Angus, what are you working on now?" I hear no-one ask.

Bottle labels would be my response. One feature that had a lot of interest from my brew club was being able to produce bottle labels straight from the brew logs.

Currently the development website produces basic text labels which automatically draw details from the active ferment log. Once I'm happy with the basic features I'll publish it live so people can start trialling it.

Advanced plans for down the road are allowing users to design the layout using stock backgrounds or uploading their own images for use in the label

File uploading to brew and ferment logs

22 Feb 2018

I have just published drag and drop file uploading for attaching files to brew and ferment logs. At this stage the files can be anything, but the website will not use these files for anything, they will just be attached to the log.

Photos, notes, Word documents, anything can be attached.

I have also published a knowledge base article on encrypting files before uploading. This article explains encrypting, and also links to a webpage which describes encrypting and some popular paid and free tools. Some uses may like to encrypt their files prior to uploading to really secure information contained in these files.

A word of caution: I cannot decrypt files if you encrypt them and upload to the site. Make sure you keep your passwords or private key backed up somewhere safe and accessible.

Brewery details

16 Feb 2018

Phew, so adding brewery details and members was a much bigger job than I anticipated. Still it's great to get it completed and released. At this stage this will really only be of use to commercial breweries where they want multiple users logging into their brewery profile.

Personal users can change the name of their brewery

Brew Day Settings

27 Nov 2017

I have published the first version of the brew settings page which allows users to exclude processes from their brew day page. E.g: exclude the Chill process from the brew day page as you are not interested in logging details

This allows you to streamline the brew day page and not worry about readings for processes that do not apply to your brewing day

Brew Day page

17 Nov 2017

I have published a test release of the new brew day feature. Login if you curently have one of the trial accounts. Navigate to the "Brewing Logs" page. and the little notebook icon just before the brew name. Have a play around with the feature and let me know what you think

This will allow you to easily log various readings during your brew day. The final release will allow users to turn off processes (e.g: I no-chill so don't need the Chill section), turn off individual readings (don't lauter as such with my system)

Tooltips: the beginning

29 Oct 2017

I have started adding tooltips to various areas in the website. These can be displayed by clicking on the Help icon in the top right hand side of the toolbar.

This will display pop-up tooltips explaining the functionality of various areas of the site

Brew day and ferment readings

25 Oct 2017

Alright, sit back, relax, and get ready for some obsessive brew and ferment readings discussion.

XML File import

25 Oct 2017

Tonight sees the release of beer.xml file importing. You can now import a beer.xml file and it will create a new brew and ferment log using values from the XML file

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