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February 2020 Release notes

09 Mar 2020

Hi everybody,

It's been quite a while since I posted an update much less release notes.

My apologies, a fair bit of my time has been spent on real life, and what time I could scrape together I was working on my temperature monitoring and control devices. Expect some big news in the next couple of weeks.

I am definitely back on the website now and will be producing a heap of documentation this month.

Read up on the February updates and fixes

July 2019 updates

24 Jul 2019

I have just released the following items: cold crash schedule, lots of fixes to the readings section for boil and ferment sessions, ability to log a certain class of reading from multiple devices (e.g: temp from 2 different probes), ability to record pH from the dashboard, migrating the dashboard graphs to chartjs, automatically recording the ferment started reading when first reading is received via API, marking a ferment as completed disconnects all linked devices

Events calendar: Duplicating an event to tomorrow

15 Aug 2018

You can now click on the "..." button on the pop-up reading form and select the "Duplicate to tomorrow" choice to copy the selected event to tomorrow. This will be useful for failed VDK readings where you want to process the same reading tomorrow, or any other events you want to duplicate to tomorrow.

File uploading to brew and ferment logs

22 Feb 2018

I have just published drag and drop file uploading for attaching files to brew and ferment logs. At this stage the files can be anything, but the website will not use these files for anything, they will just be attached to the log.

Photos, notes, Word documents, anything can be attached.

I have also published a knowledge base article on encrypting files before uploading. This article explains encrypting, and also links to a webpage which describes encrypting and some popular paid and free tools. Some uses may like to encrypt their files prior to uploading to really secure information contained in these files.

A word of caution: I cannot decrypt files if you encrypt them and upload to the site. Make sure you keep your passwords or private key backed up somewhere safe and accessible.

Brew day and ferment readings

25 Oct 2017

Alright, sit back, relax, and get ready for some obsessive brew and ferment readings discussion.

XML File import

25 Oct 2017

Tonight sees the release of beer.xml file importing. You can now import a beer.xml file and it will create a new brew and ferment log using values from the XML file

Site updates

18 Oct 2017

I've released some major changes to readings for the brew and ferment logs, but I'll do a separate post. All I'll say now is there's lots.


  • Contact page is quicker to process
  • users can now enter their own id number for a brew log
  • Fixed a couple small bugs.

Complete re-working of beer.xml display

16 Sep 2017

Last night I completely re-worked the way the beer.xml content is displayed in the brew log details page.

It should be slightly faster to load an much easier to maintain. Read the full article for a screenshot

Ferment readings

12 Sep 2017

I have now added the ability to log various readings for a ferment.

When you are logged in, there is a widget on the front page which allows you to quickly log readings for ferments that are marked as active.

At this stage users can log:

  • Temperature
  • Gravity (this can be specific gravity or Plato)
  • pH

Graphs for entered readings are available in the Graphs section of the ferment log details page

Filtering brew and ferment logs, and reporting

10 Sep 2017

Viewing the brew and ferment logs, you are able to click on several pieces of information to filter results.

Filtering places a button at the top of the log allowing you to remove that filter.

At the moment you can only filter on one value for each filter. I will be implementing the ability to filter on multiple values for the same filter. So you could filter on brew logs for 2015 and 2016.

View this full article to see some screenshots with the filter buttons displayed.

The full article also lists the information that can be filtered on in the various places around the site.

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