September updates (or yes, this is still alive)

21 Aug 2020

Man, was February really my last update? Silly Covid 19... What's happened in that time?

  • Massive updates to the temp monitoring and controller devices.
    • More robust WiFi connections and monitoring,
    • temp controller now integrates with Tilt hydrometer devices
    • Bootstrap framework integration to pretty up the webpage interface.

  • I've completely re-worked the way graphs are produced
    • load time has been improved, and ferment logs load a lot faster as well.
    • Graphs also now display certain events by displaying a vertical line
      Cold crash started,
      Manual calendar events, etc

    • Zooming via mouse-wheel or pinching on tablets has been implemented.
    • "Panning" around can be done via mouse-click and drag or click-drag on tables has also been implemented