February 2020 Release notes

09 Mar 2020

Updates and fixes for February 2020

  • A bunch of minor bug fixes
  • Ferment and cold crash schedules now send you an email when a new step is activated
  • Dashboard:
    • tidying up labels on the graphs to exclude API names
    • I spent some time speeding up the loading of the dashboard and graphs.
      I still need to do more work here, as it is not as fast as I would like
  • I fixed a problem with new users signing up and the "On Call Member" value not being set automatically
  • Temp monitor and controller devices:
    • These devices received quiet a few updates and new features. I am busily working on their documentation and support pages.
      I hope to have it all realsed at the end of this month.

This next month I am going to focus on documentation for the site and my 2 devices. There'll still be a bunch of updates and fixes to the foundation layer of the site.

I am also wondering whether I publish the designs for my 2 devices so users can build them at home.