July 2019 updates

24 Jul 2019

So this month sees the largest amount of changes for a while. I finally got the Paypal integration fiinished last month, so I could now move on with actual updates to the site.

Included items are

  • cold crash schedule:
    • Lilke the ferment steps schedule, this feature allows you to record in your required cold crashing schedule.
    • Want to crash straight to 1 degree celsius, no problem
    • Want to do a staged crash over 10 days to avoid shocking your yeast, no problem
    • If you are still in the ferment stage, the "Activated" label is an "Activate" button to manually trigger setting the ferment log to the "Cold Condition" status, which then activates the cold crash schedule.

  • lots of fixes to the readings section for boil and ferment sessions
    • speed improvements to loading and deleting items. I still have plans to completely pull apart the readings displays, so expect more speed improvements 
  • adding the ability to log a certain class of reading from multiple devices (temp from 2 different probes)
    • What does this mean? You can have two temp probes submitting readings to BC through the API, and they will be charted seperately so you can work out temperature stratification problems or 
  • ability to record pH from the dashboard
    • Next to each ferment log on the dashboard is a blue plus symbol. Clicking this will allow you to quickly record temperature, gravity, or pH readings.
  • migrating the dashboard graphs to chartjs
    • Quite a while ago I migrated the graphs on the ferment logs to chartjs. It was a hate/tolerate relationship with the MS charting controls, but chartjs offers so many more features.
    • I have now integrated chartjs into the dashboard graphs, so you can now hover over your entire chart, and it will display the various readings, you can click on reading types in the legend to turn them off temporarily.
  • automatically recording the ferment started reading when the first reading is received via the API
    • For Brewers Chronicle to automatically calculate ABV, it needs to have the "ferment started" reading enteres in.
      This is now done when the first reading is recorded through the API by one of the supported devices.
  • When marking a ferment as completed, all attached devices are unlinked automatically.
    This means no more readings can be allocated to a ferment log once it is completed.