Madocke Brewing ferment control systems

03 Jun 2019

Saturday saw the final few tweaks to install to ferment control system, take control of the 3 active ferments, and everything was up and running properly.

Target and actual temperatures are transmitted to the website every 15 minutes. The website also monitors the target temperature and actual temperatures. If they fall out of range (currently 2 degrees) Jimmy is alerted via SMS that something needs attention. No more cooked ferments for Jimmy.

We have also integrated Tilt hydrometers into the system. These devices are sanitised and dropped into the fermentor. They calculate gravity via how much the device is "Tilt"d and are these calculations also transmitted to the website automatically.

So we have target and actual temperatures, and gravity readings automatically transmitted to the website. So this covers off the logging of these values and no need to manually monitor ferments. You can now monitor the dashboard from anywhere to review your current ferments.

A ferment schedule can be created against each ferment log  recorded. This can be done via number of days to maintain a temperature, Or more intelligently this schedule can be created for gravity reading ranges. So readings below 1050 should be at 19 degrees, readings below 1030 should be 20 degrees, etc.

So combining the ferment schedule with automatically recorded gravity readings means Brewers Chronicle and the local control software provide you with automatically controlled gravity-based fermentations.

Once there is a gravity reading received of 1030 or below, the next synchronisation of data between the control software and website includes the new target temperature of 20 degrees. No more sweating over being in the brewery when the ferment temperature needs to change. Or your junior brewer forgetting to check that fermentor in the corner.

This photo displays the fermentor control enclosure including an LCD which displays ferment name, current and target temperatures, and gravity readings

And here we can see the local control software displaying ferment name, current and target temps, and historical temperature and gravity graphs. We can also see Brewers Chroncile which displays transmitted readings. The local software currently dumps data after 30 days but your historical data is safe and sound in Brewers Chronicle.