Tilt hydrometer integration

19 Sep 2018

With the initial release of the dashboard completed, it's now time for something fun: integrating the Tilt hydrometer into BC. Tilt measures gravity and temperature readings and will automatically transmit them to the relevant ferment log, thus relieving you of the tedium of collecting these readings.

It's early days, but I have my Tilt collecting readings and feeding them into the ferment log. Over the next couple of weeks I will be working on allowing users to easily allocate their coloured Tilt to an active ferment log to collect readings.

Once I have completed integrating the Tilt device, I will then move on to integrating iSpindel devices. They work on a similar principle to the Tilt, but are a fair bit cheaper.

My brand spanky new Tilt device (plus glass of ruby porter and yeast starter for Belgian dubbel)

Dropping my sanitised Tilt into the dubbel

Yeast starter addition

My Tilt Pi device which collects the readings from the Tilt device via BlueTooth and then uploads readings to Brewers Chronicle.

And finally the readings in my ferment log which have been uploaded by the Tilt Pi device. No more manual readings for this little black duck...