The importance of fermentation over boil sessions

18 Aug 2018

Not a post about another site update but more a mindshift in how I view brew days and ferments.

After doing 2 brews with Govs at Black Hops, I understood it is quite common to do multiple boils and combine them into a single fermentation in commercial breweries. But the strange thing is that I have done this at home when filling my 100L barrel, so I don't know why I missed this critical viewpoint.

All details are really driven from the fermentation: original gravity, final gravity, volume and wastage during packaging, ABV, etc.

Up to a point, apart from ingredients used and IBU's, the boil session really does not contribute much in the information sense to a packaged beer.

BC was designed to link a single boil to one or more ferments. It does not allow multiple boil sessions to be linked to a single ferment. I've started work completely redesigning the structure of BC to place the ferment log as the primary record-holder, and the boil session as just a bunch of readings attached to one or more ferment sessions

This should really simplify the website as well. There will be a single log for a packaged beer, which will include the boil and ferment readings in a single view, graphs into a single view, etc.

It's not often you have a fundamental mindshift, but it's an enjoyable journey.