Beer labels - sneak peek

08 Mar 2018

"Hey Angus, what are you working on now?" I hear no-one ask.

"I'm halfway through implementing bottle labels" would be my response to no-one. This is a feature that had a lot of interest from my brew club.

Currently the development website produces basic text labels which automatically draw details from the active ferment log. Once I'm happy with the basic features I'll publish it live so people can start trialling it.

Advanced plans for down the road are allowing users to design the layout using stock backgrounds or uploading their own images for use in the label. You will also be able to select which pieces of info to include on the label.

The ferment log will have a new button "Batch Labels" which will create a new pdf document drawing details from the currently selected ferment log.

Below is the screenshot of the pdf document which is produced with the label info. This single page pdf can be printed out multiple times to produce the required number of labels.