File uploading to brew and ferment logs

22 Feb 2018

I have just published drag and drop file uploading for attaching files to brew and ferment logs. At this stage the files can be anything, but the website will not use these files for anything, they will just be attached to the log.

Photos, notes, Word documents, anything can be attached.

I have also published a knowledge base article on encrypting files before uploading. This article explains encrypting, and also links to a webpage which describes encrypting and some popular paid and free tools. Some uses may like to encrypt their files prior to uploading to really secure information contained in these files.

A word of caution: I cannot decrypt files if you encrypt them and upload to the site. Make sure you keep you rpasswords or private key backed up somewhere safe and accessible.

You can also click on the drag area to upload files manually.

Dragging a file onto the "Drop files here to upload" section will automatically upload the file

This will then refresh the file listing