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Timezone integration

17 Mar 2019

Dates and times are recorded into the site in the "E. Australia Standard Time" timezone.

With the latest release, Brewers Chronicle now allows you to set your local time zone. All dates and times on the website will be converted to your local timezone.


How to get a wireless signal to your iSpindel?

07 Feb 2019

A wireless hydrometer inside a fermentor full of liquid inside a metal box is a fairly challening environment to get a decent wireless signal out of. Have a read of my experience with the NetGear AC750 Wifi range extender

Localisation of dates and times

05 Feb 2019

Currently the website is hard-coded to display times in the Australian Eastern Standard timezone. I am waiting for some upgrades to a framework that I use to enable very simple integration of different timezones. I am hoping to have this feature released by the end of this month


08 Jan 2019

I have finally settled on the features matrix for subscriptions, and pricing for the Personal-Paid subscription.

If you want access to the professional subscription, please use the Contact form

More dashboard features

23 Sep 2018

The initial release of the dashboard displayed the active ferment graphs for temperature and gravity readings.

The next release has two new sections:

  • the 20 latest ferment readings across all active ferments,
  • upcoming boil sessions.

The readings section includes the reading type, and reading value.

The upcoming boil sessions sections includes name, date, and style. If you have attached a beer.xml file to the boil session, it will also list the ingredients required. You can then make sure you have the required ingredients.

Tilt hydrometer integration

19 Sep 2018

With the initial release of the dashboard completed, it's now time for something fun: integrating the Tilt hydrometer into BC. Tilt measures gravity and temperature readings and will automatically transmit them to the relevant ferment log, thus relieving you of the tedium of collecting these readings.

It's early days, but I have my Tilt collecting readings and feeding them into the ferment log. Over the next couple of weeks I will be working on allowing users to easily allocate their coloured Tilt to an active ferment log to collect readings.

Once I have completed integrating the Tilt device, I will then move on to integrating iSpindel devices. They work on the same principle as Tilts, but are a fair bit cheaper.

Ferments: attaching multiple boil sessions

09 Sep 2018

This new release enables attaching multiple boil sessions to a single ferment. The multiple boil sessions which are then combined for a single fermentation.

The brew day readings are still linked to a particular boil session, so even though there are 2 boil sessions, all readings are completely seperate between the multiple boil sessions

The importance of fermentation over boil sessions

18 Aug 2018

Not a post about another site update but more a mindshift in how I view brew days and ferments.

After doing 2 brews with Govs at Black Hops, I understood it is quite common to do multiple boils and combine them into a single fermentation in commercial breweries. But the strange thing is that I have done this at home when filling my 100L barrel, so I don't know why I missed this critical viewpoint.

BC was designed to allow a single boil to one or more ferments. It does not allow multiple boil sessions to be combined into a single ferment. So I've started work completely redesigning the structure of BC to place the ferment log as the primary record-holder, and the boil session as just a bunch of readings attached to one or more ferment sessions

Events calendar: Duplicating an event to tomorrow

15 Aug 2018

You can now click on the "..." button on the pop-up reading form and select the "Duplicate to tomorrow" choice to copy the selected event to tomorrow. This will be useful for failed VDK readings where you want to process the same reading tomorrow, or any other events you want to duplicate to tomorrow.

Who is Brewers Chronicle

14 Jun 2018

I have added a page to the site outlining who I am, and my extensive experience in developing enterprise software

As uncomfortable as I am talking about myself, this will add credibility and provide confidence that this website is being developed by someone who knows how to deliver software that allows end users to get their job done, and provide confidence that tasks are being completed.

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