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Alerts system

22 Mar 2019

Brewers Chronicle now has an Alerts system to highlight items that need processing or warnings for items that need fixing. 

Website and email notifications are the current notification methods. I am currently investigating SMS services to provide critical warning messages such as ferment temps out of target, or cooling system failures. 

The website checks for alerts every minute so once you receive an alert, the icon will automatically appear with the current number of alerts in the system. Clicking on the icon will display the full Alerts page displayed in the screenshot at the bottom of this article.

Please find the current list of alerts below 

  • Website
    • Personal free subscription yearly ferment slots
      • Personal free subscriptions get 12 ferment slots per calendar year. This alert lets you know you have filled all those slots
    • Timezone not set
      • By default, reading times are recorded in the "E. Australia Standard Time" timezone
      • Once you set your local timezone, Brewers Chronicle will display recorded reading times using your local timezone
    • iSpindel
      • Low battery: an alert is triggered when the logged battery voltage level is lower the site threshold which is currently 3.5V
        • Anything below 3V seems to result in readings intervals being dropped back to one hour
      • Unallocated iSpindel device sending through readings.
        • You have an active iSpindel device which is sending through readings, but it has not been allocated to a ferment log
        • The readings are not recorded into the system until you allocate a ferment log
      • Allocated device is not set to record any readings
        • You can select to turn on or off the gravity and temperature readings sent via the TIlt device
        • This alert appears when you have turned off both reading types
      • Final gravity already recorded
        • When a final gravity has been recorded, the iSpindel gravity readings are no longer recorded
        • The readings are discarded as cold crashing may cause incorrect values to come through, and this will affect the calculated ABV readings. 

Alerts can be deleted, but unless you have corrected the underlying cause they will be re-created when necessary.