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BC_TempMon: monitor your temperatures!

11 Nov 2019

I curently have a prototype temperature monitoring device installed in the ferment chilling system at Madocke Brewing.

These devices allow you to set a target temperature, and it then reads the current temperatuer and transmits these values to my website. If the temp difference is more than 2 degrees (the current threshold), you will be sent an SMS.

What's it useful for: glycol chilling systems, cold rooms, serving fridges, barrel rooms, etc.

How to integrate it?

  • First you need to connect the device to your WiFi.
    • Powering the device up you should see a "BC_TempMon" wireless network
    • Connect to this WiFi network

    • No password is required
  • This should display the WiFi configuration area
  • Click on the "Configure new AP" link

  • Click on the wireless network you want the device to connect to and enter the passphrase
  • This will then connect the device to your WiFi.
  • Re-connect to your nomal home WiFi.
  • Click on the device link in the notification email.
  • You should then see the config page. We will be using the config section in below screenshot

  • Click on the "BC API Key" link and expand the "Integration and API" section and copy the entire key text
  • Paste that into the "APIKey" textbox
  • Type a name into your device
  • Your device is now configured to start transmitting readings to Brewers Chronicle
  • An asset with your device name will be created in your Brewers Chronicle profile and readings will be allocated to that device.
  • Push the button on the device to force a reading to be submitted and then review the readings in Brewers Chronicle.