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What is Brewers Chronicle?

16 Feb 2018

There are a plethora of software packages that offer excellent recipe design features. I have used Beersmith and Brewmate and while both are very good at designing your recipe before brew day, they both have fairly rudimentary post recipe design processes so I started work on Brewers Chronicle to handle all activities after the recipe design phase.

What it does now:

Brew session logging
Ferment logging (including multiple ferments for a single brew log)
Track different yeasts, dry hop routines, etc
Staff task lists and calendar of events
Ferment readings template system to automatically create events for the allocated brewer during ferment
Basic reporting on brew and ferment logs.
Brewery details including management of brewery members
Bottle labels
My plans for the future:

Brewing assets and tracking timelines
Inventory tracking and management
Packaging and loss management
Reporting and government lodgements
A bunch of other stuff... :-)
If you'd like to help guide development of features, please visit the forum and vote on ideas to vote on features you'd like to see implemented. Or add your own ideas that would improve Brewers Chronicle.

What is Brewers Chronicle not?

Brewers Chronicle is not recipe design software. As I mentioned, Beersmith, BrewMate, Brewers Friend, etc are all very good at recipe design. But I feel they all let the user down after the design is completed. How do you track your brew figures, how do you compare brew sessions of the same beer, how do you analyse and report on your year's brewing efforts?

Will I ever implement recipe design? Never say never I guess, but it would certainly be way down the list of items to implement.