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17 Feb 2018

I have written my own very basic brew logging system on my personal website. But it was a very manual process and I had to copy and paste ingredients from BeerSmith, pre-boil-gravity, post-boil gravity, fermenting records, etc into my logging system. As an IT person, I hate manual!

Brewers Chronicle aims to rule out or greatly ease recording these details over time:

Create a brewing log to record the basic brew session details such as name, date, beer style, original gravity.

Recipe details, ingredients, mash schedule, etc can be entered into the Notes section. At this stage I have no plans to incorporate a recipe editor. If there is enough user support, I may change my mind on this component.

Users are able to attach a beer.xml file to a brewing log which will read the various ingredients, mash and hops schedules, etc straight from the file. These details will then be displayed in the details section for a brewing log. The xml file can also be downloaded for future use

I have taken the view that wort production and fermentation are 2 completely seperate processes. In most cases the full volume of wort produced will be fermented, but in some cases you may like to split the batch for different ferment hopping routines, different yeasts, different temperatures, etc.

Allowing multiple ferment logs based on a single brew log allows you to completely track these split ferments, make notes on each ferment log, etc.