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Tilt hydrometer integration

20 Nov 2018

The Tilt hydrometer is a bluetooth based hydrometer/thermometre and relies on a Bluetooth device to receive the readings, and then transmit them to the receiving service.

This is most easily achieved by using an Apple or Android device with their app installed. They also provide an app to install on a Raspberry Pi which is a cheaper way to go unless you have an old phone sitting around.

I have done some testing with the Tilt device and small commercial fermentors thanks to Jimmy at Madocke Brewing. This worked quite well when my Raspberry Pi device was quite close to the fermentors.

The Tilt environment makes it very easy to see that the Tilt device is talking to the Bluetooth-receiving device, and that this device is transmitting readings up to the site properly.

Tilt integration into the website is very easy. In the "Tilt Allocation" section, click on the gear icon to select which Tilt devices should be linked to your brewery. One limitation with the Tilt device is that they only offer 8 models, but this also greatly eases integration as the orange Tilt device transmits its colour to Brewers Chronicle making it very easy to identify

Clicking on the gear icon displays the following settings page. Any Tilt devices that are currently allocated to a ferment are disabled from being removed from your brewery. You would need to unlink that device and then untick the setting.

Once you tick one of the devices, submit the settings form and the new colour choice is available in the allocation section. We can see below I have ticked the purple Tilt to be linked to my brewery

We can see below in the "Tilt Allocation" section, the purple Tilt is now displayed.

  • We can see I have clicked in the textbox below the orange Tilt.
  • This displays a list of currently active ferments in your brewery.
  • Select an item from the list and click the "Update Allocation" button to link that Tilt device to the ferment log.
  • When that Tilt sends through readings to the website, it will know which ferment to create the readings in.
  • If you wanted to clear the ferment allocation from a Tilt device, delete all the text in the box and click the "Update Allocation" button

Some relevant links on the Tilt website about setting up the receiving Bluetooth device:

Once you have either of these options completed, you will need to configure the app with the below settings:

  • Beer name: The API key from your brewery details page
  • Cloud URL:
  • Use Default Cloud URL for All: Disabled
  • Start logging to the clound: Enabled
  • Time interval: 60 minutes
    • Any more often than this doesn't really give you any more valuable information. Gravity doesnt change that much
  • The "Tilt Pi Settings" section you can set to whatever you want.
  • If you are wanting to test your configuration, you can click in the Comment section and press the enter key. The site doesn't record the comment, so you type nothing or whatever you want.
  • This will manually transmit a reading to the API and will be recorded against the allocated ferment log for that Tilt device

I will add a screenshot of the settings screen once I get my devices back from Jimmy at Madocke Brewing.

One thing to mention is that once you have the device set up correctly, you don't have to touch the settings again. Any readings fed through from the Bluetooth receiving device to the website are controlled by the ferment allocation feature.


Two types of alerts can be created by the website:

  • Readings being submitted by a Tilt device which is not allocated to a ferment
    • If one of your registered Tilt devices submits readings and the device is not allocated to a ferment, then an alert will be created alerting you to this fact.
    • Allocate the Tilt to an active ferment, or turn off the device.
    • You can then delete the alert
  • No readings selected:
    • In the Tilt options in the Brewery Info section, you have the ability to turn off creating readings for received temperature or gravity readings. So if your fermentation control system recorded temp readings and you were just using the Tilt for gravity readings you would disable the temp reading.
    • This alert lets you know if you have turned off both temp and gravity readings.
  • Final gravity recorded:
    • This alert is created when you manually record the final gravity. Any further gravity readings fed in via the Tilt are discarded.
    • For example: the gravity readings may be inaccurate if you are cold crashing