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API Overview

20 Nov 2018

Brewers Chronicle offers API services for the Tilt and iSpindel digital hydrometers and thermometres. An API is a method for a 3rd party device to interact with the processes offered. In the case of the 2 devices, they are able to feed readings into the ferment log you allocate.

Access to the API is enabled by using an API key. This is a randomally generated key which you will enter in to the service wishing to interact with the BC API. This means that you can change your username and password at any point in time, and connected devices continue to work. Your access details are not left on some device somewhere.

The API key is available from the "Integration and API" section in the Brewery details area of the website.

You will need to copy that large random piece of text into the 3rd party device or software. Clicking on the "Generate new key" button will generate a new key and replace the current text. This means that any device that is using your previous key will no longer work. This would be useful if you lost a device or had one stolen.

API addresses will be provided in the various device sections.