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Encrypting documents before uploading

20 Jan 2018

One extra step in securing your valuable recipes, or other documents uploaded to Brewers Chronicle is to encrypt the file before uploading it. This means that the website can't access the files, I can't access the files, actually no-one can access the files without being able to decrypt the file.

Generally speaking there are 2 methods for encrypting files.

  • You will enter a password to encrypt the file, and would require the password when decrypting the file at a later time.
    • Passwords can also be applied to zip files if the compression software supports this feature.
  • The encryption application will generate a private and public key. Files would be encrypted with the private key, and other people could use the public key to view the contents. If you don't give anyone the public key, then the file contents aren't easily accessible.

Both methods will require you to save the password or the keys somewhere safe so you can access the files contents at a later date, perhaps years down the road.

You'll need to find an application that will encrypt the file for you prior to uploading. Most of the better tools offer Windows Explorer integration. This means you can right-click on a file in Windows Explorer and there is an encryption choice in the pop-up menu. This makes encrypting individual files very easy.

You can read this article listing both paid and free encryption and decryption tools. I have not used any of these tools and can't provide a recommendation.

Please let me know if that article goes out of date or disappears.

A few things to note:

  • I can't help you decrypt the files if you happen to lose the credentials that encrypted the files in the first place.
  • The website can't access encrypted files so reading information from encrypted beer.xml files will not be possible