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Viewing logs

17 Mar 2018

You can view all your brew logs by clicking on the "Brewing Logs" choice in the "Logging" menu which presents you with a grid of brew logs. The "Name" link will take you to the record, where-as the other links will filter the table based on that link you clicked on

Recording a log

15 Jan 2018

Creating a log is the first step to recording any details into the system. All site features are built from an original log

There are fields for recording brew date, beer style, original gravity, volume, boil time.

The beer styles display BJCP 2015 sub-categories. If there is interest, I can change this to free entry with BJCP 2015 suggestions available to select from. Search for "Brew style" on the "Ideas and Feedback" page and add your vote to the sugestion.

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