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BC_TempMon: monitor your temperatures!

11 Nov 2019

I curently have a prototype temperature monitoring device installed in the ferment chilling system at Madocke Brewing.

These devices allow you to set a target temperature, and it then reads the current temperatuer and transmits these values to my website. If the temp difference is more than 2 degrees (the current threshold), you will be sent an SMS.

What's it useful for: glycol chilling systems, cold rooms, serving fridges, barrel rooms, etc.

CraftBeerPi3 integration

29 Aug 2019

My CraftBeerPi3 plug-in provides recording of current and target temperatures to the allocated ferment log. It also provides ferment control using the ferment and cold crash schedules in Brewers Chronicle. Link an iSpindel or Tilt digital hydrometer and you can automatically control your ferment based on gravity readings. You are then able to control your ferments remotely by altering your ferment schedule.

iSpindel hydrometer integration

21 Nov 2018

The iSpindel hydrometer is a WiFi based hydrometer/thermometer and relies on being able to access a WiFi network with access to the Internet. It transmits readings directly to the receiving service.

It requires a few more steps to integrate into Brewers Chronicle that the Tilt device, but at 1/2 cost, it is more affordable for home brewers

Tilt hydrometer integration

20 Nov 2018

The Tilt hydrometer is a bluetooth based hydrometer/thermometre and relies on a Bluetooth device to receive the readings, and then transmit them to the receiving service.

This is most easily achieved by using an Apple or Android device with their app installed. They also provide an app to install on a Raspberry Pi which is a cheaper way to go than a phone.

API Overview

20 Nov 2018

Brewers Chronicle's API offers Tilt and iSpindel digital hydrometer integration. Setting these devices up to use the API, they will feed readings into the ferment log you allocate.

Forgot about manually recording temperature and gravity readings.

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