Latest Activities

Date Title Type Release Notes
02 Jul 21 beer.xml import fixes Bug
I have implemented some fixes for the beer.xml version that BeerSmith 3 produces
02 Jul 21 Ferment schedule fixes Bug
Fixes for creating ferment and cold crash schedules
19 Apr 21 Manual vertical graph event: Task
Adding a custom event now adds a vertical line on graphs.
Record when you dry-hopped, or some other significant event
14 Apr 21 Temp out of range alert: include ferment name Task
SMS alerts now include the log name for clarity
14 Apr 21 Ferment log delete: include brew log schedule Bug
We recently added brew log mash schedules and we have added these steps to the deletion process
26 Mar 21 Weekly device exceptions Bug
I've corrected some problems with the weekly device email that gets sent out Friday afternoons.
26 Feb 21 Graphing: position Reset button correctly Task
Graphs used to have a "Reset Zoom" button above the graph, but there is a new button in the top-right hand corner of the graph, which provides a more seamless experience and takes up less screen real estate

26 Feb 21 Mash schedule Task
On the boil log page, you can now enter the mash schedule.

If you import a beer.xml file, that process will automatically extract the mash steps and lodge them into the brewing log.
23 Feb 21 Latest activities Task
I have created a "Latest Activities" page which displays a list of the 10 latest features or fixes to be released to the website.

Meta: these Latest Activities notes will appear in the Latest Activities list.
23 Feb 21 Calendar: do not enforce Title Task
A title for a calendar item is no longer enforced as this was causing editing problems for device readings