Hot side readings

Log all your hot side readings in an easy to use brew day interface, switching through the various processes as your brew day progresses.

Switch off the processes that don't apply to your brew process

Ferment reading templates

Design templates with readings or tasks you want processed on certain days of the ferment.

Drag and drop the standard readings, or create your own custom items.

Events system

Marking a ferment started automatically creates tasks for each of the readings defined in the allocated ferment template.

You can also create brewery events that aren't attached to a brew or ferment log.

Manage team members

The head brewer can add and remove team members from the brewery.

Once team members are allocated, they can be allocated an entire brew, ferment, or certain tasks from the calendar.

Resources and support

Please read through the knowledge base for a full run-down of how to use all the various areas of the site.

You can lodge a helpdesk ticket if you have more questions or need a problem resolved.

Fully Responsive

Brewers Chronicle is designed to provide the same experience across any device. No separate app to install on your phone or tablet.

Learn how to use the site once.

Latest updates
CraftBeerPi3 integration
29 Aug 2019

My CraftBeerPi3 plug-in provides recording of current and target temperatures to the allocated ferment log. It also provides ferment control using the ferment and cold crash schedules in Brewers Chronicle. Link an iSpindel or Tilt digital hydrometer and you can automatically control your ferment based on gravity readings. You are then able to control your ferments remotely by altering your ferment schedule.

July 2019 updates
24 Jul 2019

I have just released the following items: cold crash schedule, lots of fixes to the readings section for boil and ferment sessions, ability to log a certain class of reading from multiple devices (e.g: temp from 2 different probes), ability to record pH from the dashboard, migrating the dashboard graphs to chartjs, automatically recording the ferment started reading when first reading is received via API, marking a ferment as completed disconnects all linked devices

Ferment control diagram
03 Jul 2019

A picture is worth a thousand words, so the saying goes. So following on from my previous article of the ferment control system at Madocke Brewing, I have created a diagram describing the system graphically

Apologies for the image size for people on tablets and phones.

Fermentation control system overview
23 Jun 2019

I have finally found time to write an article providing an overview of the fermantation control system I recently installed at Madocke Beer Brewing Company.

This system provides Jimmy with a fully automated control system and a full logging system as well. Perhaps the most important feature is an SMS alert system which lets him know when ferment temps are out of range

User manual
13 Jun 2019

I have just updated the user manual and uploaded it to the website for you to look at.

Lots of information in there, but also still additions required (digital hydrometers, etc).

This will be the month of documentation.  :-|

Plus some other features like an exportable pdf ferment log report including graphs, table of readings, etc.

Madocke Brewing ferment control systems
03 Jun 2019

Saturday saw the final few tweaks to install to ferment control system, take control of the 3 active ferments, and everything was up and running properly.

This combination of the local control software, automatic gravity readings, and Brewers Chronicle provides Jimmy with fully automated fermentations and full logs of all target and actual temperatures, and gravity readings.