Hot side readings

Log all your hot side readings in an easy to use brew day interface, switching through the various processes as your brew day progresses.

Switch off the processes that don't apply to your brew process

Ferment reading templates

Design templates with readings or tasks you want processed on certain days of the ferment.

Drag and drop the standard readings, or create your own custom items.

Events system

Marking a ferment started automatically creates tasks for each of the readings defined in the allocated ferment template.

You can also create brewery events that aren't attached to a brew or ferment log.

Manage team members

The head brewer can add and remove team members from the brewery.

Once team members are allocated, they can be allocated an entire brew, ferment, or certain tasks from the calendar.

Resources and support

Please read through the knowledge base for a full run-down of how to use all the various areas of the site.

You can lodge a helpdesk ticket if you have more questions or need a problem resolved.

Fully Responsive

Brewers Chronicle is designed to provide the same experience across any device. No separate app to install on your phone or tablet.

Learn how to use the site once.

Latest updates
Alerts system
22 Mar 2019

Brewers Chronicle now has an Alerts system to highlight items that need processing or warnings for items that need fixing.

Website and email notifications are the current notification methods. I am currently investigating SMS services to provide critical warning messages such as ferment temps out of target, or cooling system failures.

Timezone integration
17 Mar 2019

Dates and times are recorded into the site in the "E. Australia Standard Time" timezone.

With the latest release, Brewers Chronicle now allows you to set your local time zone. All dates and times on the website will be converted to your local timezone.


How to get a wireless signal to your iSpindel?
07 Feb 2019

A wireless hydrometer inside a fermentor full of liquid inside a metal box is a fairly challening environment to get a decent wireless signal out of. Have a read of my experience with the NetGear AC750 Wifi range extender

Localisation of dates and times
05 Feb 2019

Currently the website is hard-coded to display times in the Australian Eastern Standard timezone. I am waiting for some upgrades to a framework that I use to enable very simple integration of different timezones. I am hoping to have this feature released by the end of this month

08 Jan 2019

I have finally settled on the features matrix for subscriptions, and pricing for the Personal-Paid subscription.

If you want access to the professional subscription, please use the Contact form

iSpindel hydrometer integration
21 Nov 2018

The iSpindel hydrometer is a WiFi based hydrometer/thermometer and relies on being able to access a WiFi network with access to the Internet. It transmits readings directly to the receiving service.

It requires a few more steps to integrate into Brewers Chronicle that the Tilt device, but at 1/2 cost, it is more affordable for home brewers